For the translation to convey the meaning of the source text, and for your communication to reach its target group, not only language but also expert competency is required. Our translators have translation certificates and, additionally, are experts in their specialist fields. Bioengineering, medical or chemistry - tell us your needs and we will cater to them!

While CAT and memory tools may be useful when it comes to handling huge-volume documentations, they do not replace a translator trained in his or her specific field. Language is not dead, it it alive. This is why we have humans looking after the quality aspects of your translation. Your readers will thank you for it. Engineering, commerce and law are part of our daily work and are the fields we have been specializing in for a long time.

We translate for you:

- Chemical and pharmaceutical regulations and documentations
- Safety data sheets
- Patent specifications
- Congress reports
- Package inserts, Patient Information Leaflets "PIL"
- Technical documentations, operating manuals etc.
- Natural science and medical journal articles
- Legal journal articles and documents
- Patent and trademark law texts
- Advertising material, product brochures
- Certificates and contracts
- Letters and correspondence